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Managing the design, permitting, and construction services from conception through construction.
Assisting with the preparation of design drawings and specifications on large, complex, multi-discipline design projects.
Responsible for scope, schedule, budget development, monitoring, and for projects.
Preparing, monitoring, and managing project budgets and schedules.
Assisting Client Service Leaders with technical marketing including proposals and meeting clients in the NC region.
Collaborating with sales staff to create proposals in response to client requests for proposals (RFPs)
Interfacing with clients and government officials to clarify technical questions and provide updates to upper management as necessary.



Bachelor’s degree in Civil, Environmental, or Chemical Engineering related discipline
4+ years of related experience.
PMP (PMI), CCM, PE or DBIA certification is required (within 12 months of hire or promotion onto the Approved Project Manager list).
Previous experience working on and managing design projects for municipal drinking water, wastewater, and/or pump stations.

Why is This a Great Opportunity?
We have an exciting opportunity, we are seeking a Civil Project Manager in Charlotte or Raleigh, NC. In this position, you will be the main point of contact to lead planning and design teams for multi-discipline projects and programs for large-diameter conveyance (water distribution and wastewater collection), water and wastewater pumping systems, and water/wastewater treatment projects in North Carolina. This firm is one of the top global engineering firms.

To apply for this job email your details to drosa@myemploymentoptions.com

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