Position: Senior Accountant

Position Purpose:

This role holds the responsibility for overseeing general accounting, financial statement preparation, and administrative tasks.

Key Responsibilities:

Gather essential accounting data for journal entries.
Accurately record and timely report all financial activities for ongoing real estate projects.
Ensure timely distribution of financial reports and maintain proper documentation in the system.
Review financial statement packages across multiple company environments.
Prepare draw requests for project funding from lenders.
Manage debt service payments and review loan interest calculations.
Supervise depreciation and amortization of fixed assets and intangibles.
Review general ledgers and sub ledgers for accuracy and compliance with accounting policies.
Address management queries regarding financial reports or statements.
Handle accounting functions linked to acquisitions and disposals.
Prepare and review various accounting schedules (payables, receivables, depreciation, etc.).
Maintain accurate balances in assigned bank and general ledger accounts.
Support year-end audit processes.
Undertake additional duties assigned by management.

Skills and Competencies:

Proficiency in Accounting functions (Budgeting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, etc.).
Strong multitasking abilities with a sense of urgency.
Excellent organizational skills.
High work ethic and integrity.
Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
Proficient in computer skills, financial analysis, accounting software, and word processing.
Supervision of Others: No

Relevant Work Experience:

3-5 years in accounting or finance

Education and Certifications:

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance

Why This Opportunity Is Great:

Join a multi-family real estate developer in Central Florida with over 40 years of successful history. This position has served as a stepping stone for staff to advance to Controller roles and beyond. We’re seeking a dynamic professional passionate about numbers, people, and the real estate development industry.

To apply for this job email your details to mcastellano@meostaffing.com

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