About The Role:

As an integral part of our Miami-based International Investment Brokerage (IIB), this role focuses on revitalizing our presence in the LATAM Agricultural Markets. You’ll be tasked with leading the restructure of our regional operations, leveraging your expertise to expand and cultivate this market segment. Collaboration with our affiliate forms a cornerstone of this role, offering substantial opportunities for growth and development.

Business Development Responsibilities:

Revitalize and expand our presence in LATAM’s listed futures and options markets, serving as the lead role.
Mentor and guide junior team members in sales techniques, fostering growth within the LATAM/Miami market.
Attract mid-tier sales opportunities within LATAM/Miami.
Design and implement a Cold Calling Program and Lead generator to drive business growth.
Identify and capitalize on business opportunities with Financial Institutions in LATAM.

Key Responsibilities:

Introduce Agricultural derivatives business, managing both existing and new accounts.
Oversee accounts, investments, futures, and options across multiple time zones in LATAM.
Provide risk management solutions and services to onboarded customers.
Correspond with clients and prospects, offering insights and strategies using futures and options for risk management.
Attend industry events to prospect and increase brand recognition.


FINRA Series 3 certification is a must.
Bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish; fluency in Portuguese is advantageous.
7-10+ years of relevant experience in the field.
A current book of business totaling at least $1 million or more.
Ability to excel in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

Why Join Us?

This role offers an exciting opportunity to spearhead the redevelopment of our presence in the LATAM Agricultural Markets. You’ll play a pivotal role in expanding our market reach, nurturing talent, and shaping the future success of our firm.

To apply for this job email your details to mcastellano@meostaffing.com

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