MEO Staffing


•             5+ years of experience in Azure Technology Stack (Experience in cloud architecture and technologies: Azure Data Factory, Databricks). Must have both development & production support experience in Azure technologies & worked as a technical lead for at least 3 years.

•             Has to support the delivery teams as a technical lead, in a hands-on capacity troubleshooting with other engineers & developers, and developing integration pipelines.

•             Experience in developing & building high to medium complex data pipelines for Enterprise Data Hub using ADF, Databricks, dbt, Azure Cloud Services, MS SQL Server ADW/DB, Python, Pyspark, Devops

•             Deep knowledge & understanding of Azure technology stack: Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Synapse SQL Architecture, Azure DevOps.

• In-depth understanding of Enterprise Data Hub Architecture, mirror, transformation & reporting layer concepts, and ETL within Azure framework.

•             Highly skilled in end-to-end Data warehousing and BI (analytics) design/development

•             Good communication skills

•             Proactive self-starter

The actual offer, reflecting the total compensation package plus benefits, will be determined by a number of factors which include but are not limited to the applicant’s experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities; geographic location; and internal equity.

To apply for this job email your details to drosa@myemploymentoptions.com

Job Seeker Services

MEO Staffing presents itself ​to potential employers ​as a diversity ​staffing service. Companies retain our services because we ​specialize in ​working​ with people with disabilities and other challenges​. At MEO Staffing, we follow the guidelines of Americans with ​​Disabilities​ Act (ADA) and will not ​directly ​ask you what ​is ​your disability or challenge​.​ However, ​we will ask you what type of accommodations you anticipate needing in the workplace and encourage you to self-disclose to our staff. It allows the job placement specialist to understand your current challenges so that we can ​match you to a suitable job ​where your disability (or other challenge) will not interfere with your ability to work or perform the essential functions of the job.  

Employers who source through MEO Staffing may be eligible for tax credits because you have challenges. If hired, we will assist them, when available with the WOTC tax credit paperwork.   MEO Staffing will not discuss ​details of ​your disability​ to the prospective employer; only what accommodations you might need.  ​For example, MEO Staffing may disc​lose to ​the employer ​that ​you need a wheelchair entrance​ and accessible bathroom or that you cannot climb stairs.  With many of our work from home jobs, workers can easily accommodate themselves; for example, standing and stretching every hour to prevent back pain is a type of accomodation that employers do not necessarily need to know about.  

We want to make sure that you understand that we are not able to force employers to accommodate an employee beyond the essential job functions of your position and that not every employment opportunity will be a good fit for you.  MEO Staffing will do our best to ensure that you have the skills and abilities for the job so both you and your employer will enjoy the success of the program. ​​We look forward to working with you and helping you find suitable employment.